Adam Theis and the Jazz Mafia (10/20)




This Keys performance is the premiere of Jazz Mafia’s newest project, reimagining the music of three iconic, rule-breaking American artists: Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, and Prince. All three shared an attitude that nobody would dictate how, when, why, or for whom they made their music. In this project, we explore fresh, ambitious new arrangements of some of their classic material. Jazz Mafia founder and bandleader, Adam Theis, known for his genre-blurring arrangements and high-energy live shows, has assembled one of Jazz Mafia’s most formidable bands yet, featuring longtime Jazz Mafia collaborators Mike Olmos and Colin Hogan, along with fresh talents John Palowitch and recent Berklee graduate Henry Plumb.

Adam Theis – trombone, bandleader, Mike Olmos – trumpet, John Palowitch – alto sax, Tommy Occhiuto – tenor/bari saxes, Colin Hogan – keys, Josh Thurston-Milgrom – upright bass, Henry Plumb – drums

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October 20, 2023


7pm, 9pm