Christelle Durandy SankTET (9/1 +9/2)




Christelle Durandy fuses Afro-Caribbean, jazz and other polyrhythmic sounds in a provocative exploration of the African diaspora’s diffuse and powerful musical energy – a multicultural complexity Christelle herself embodies, having been raised in France by a mother from Reunion Island and a father from Guadeloupe. Backed by her band Sanktet (a play on the French “cinq têtes,” or “five heads,” as well as a nod to the five continents), Christelle draws upon her polyglot background to celebrate and expand the diaspora’s vibrant musical conversation.

Steve Hogan – E. Bass, Nathan Bickart – Piano, Carlitos Medrano – Batá drums, Drum set- Deszon Claiborne

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September 1, 2023, September 2, 2023


7pm, 9pm