Kenya Moses Quartet

Kenya Moses Quartet


August 23, 2023 @ 7pm

No longer available for sale

August 23, 2023 @ 9pm

No longer available for sale

Prepare to be mesmerized by the captivating musical stylings of Kenya Moses; an extraordinary Afro-Brazilian American vocalist who effortlessly blends cultures, genres, and languages with her enchanting voice.

Kenya Moses is a true musical nomad, embracing the diverse influences that shape her artistic identity. With every note she sings, she seamlessly fuses the rhythmic beauty of Brazilian music with the soulful expressions of American jazz and Classical repertoire.,

As a vocalist, Kenya possesses a remarkable ability to captivate listeners with her storytelling prowess. With each lyric she delivers, she weaves a narrative that touches the depths of emotion and paints vivid pictures in the minds of her audience. Her voice, warm and heartfelt, invites listeners to embark on a journey that transcends time and place.

Kenya is joined by an incredible ensemble of musicians, including Grammy Award-Winning Pianist ,Tammy Hall; Bassist, Aaron Germain, and Celebrated Drummer, Brian Andres.

Happy Hour 5pm – 6pm. Doors open at 6pm, shows begin at 7pm and 9pm.

Tickets: $25 per show

Students and IMA Members can purchase tickets for $15 in person for the 7pm and 9pm shows and may attend 11pm shows free of charge (with proof of valid ID).